Thursday, July 3, 2014

Can you multi task while napping?

The art of napping has long since been seen as a way to catch back up on the day. A proven way to kick back and relax. Whether tired from a poor night’s sleep or just from a full morning of work responsibilities, napping can allow you to get the boost of energy that’s needed to check off the rest of your to-do list. No matter the length of time, napping can provide more energy and just enough rest to give you a second wind. 

But is that all there is to napping? What if you could actually multi task while laying down for rest?

According to a new study, it’s not only possible, it’s regularly being practiced. When dozing, students – of all ages – are learning a new language by listening to pre-recorded tapes. And, according to the scientists, napping actually helps boost their brain activity to learn even faster. The research also shows that listening to these new words while sleeping can help you to better associate them with your native language. Essentially, it’s letting the brain relax its way into learning a new language. A more efficient, more enjoyable process. 

The students also agreed to a more enjoyable language learning process, having studied a language before in a classroom setting. (Though they were either tested on a different language or had their progress measured throughout the study.)

While the research was performed strictly for academic purposes, it’s the scientists’ thoughts that language learning while napping will soon be a common trait. And considering it doesn’t hurt to nap, it’s likely the trend might catch on. Not only can naps offer a quick – and enjoyable – way to recharge one’s energy level, they can now be used as a great way to multitask. Especially for the most tedious of academic tasks.