Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to Adjust your Summer Diet

Summer is the perfect time of year for a barbeque. Or a nice healthy salad to offset those burgers and steaks. Even plenty of freshly grown veggies that seem to taste way more delicious than in any other season. It’s the summertime diet that so many of us have come to love throughout these warmer months. Many have even found that, during the summer, they tend to eat more of certain foods while avoiding others altogether. Whether due to availability or preference, this can work to greatly change the way you intake vitamins each summer.

For veggie lovers, be sure you are consuming enough protein, whether through meats, beans, or an alternative source. While salads and other homegrown veggies are certainly healthy, they also can’t account for 100% of your daily nutritional value. It’s also a good idea to account for grains and sugars, which can be put into overdrive from potlucks and outdoor get-togethers. And while it’s fun and tasty to try each new dish, it can also cause havoc for your body. You can even ask each cook (in a friendly manner) what type of ingredients he or she used. Oftentimes the healthiest of dishes look far more incriminating than they actually are, and vice versa.

Look at your Liquid Intake

Because it’s hot out, consider opting for additional water consumption to offset any sweating or exertion. Even the smallest amount of movement can work to leave you dehydrated, simply because of the climate. Substances with alcohol or caffeine can also dehydrate the body more quickly, and should be paired with water or another healthy beverage.

These remaining summer months, don’t be discouraged about an upcoming change in your diet. Instead, look toward healthy practices that can be repeated later in the year … no matter what the temperature may be.