Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dr. Explains Back Pain in YouTube Video

Anymore, there’s a YouTube video for virtually anything and everything. From learning a new skill to simply being entertained, it’s likely that someone has created a video out of it. (Along with tens of other online users.) Including what causes back pain – and how to reduce its symptoms. Whether caused by muscle spams with age or a specific injury, it’s outlined in this comprehensive and free-to-watch video.

Dr. Mike Evans, who is known for his educational, yet easy-to-follow videos, has helped create white board outlines on any number of medical issues. However, one of his latest releases, on back pain, has received widespread acclaim. It was even mentioned on NPR for helping other doctors explain medical ailments to their patients. Including one specific case, where the patient had done her own research but still hadn’t come to terms with the outcome. One YouTube viewing later, and her doctor was able to make a believer out of her in terms of the lower back.

The video goes into the ins and outs of the lower back from a medical standpoint. Including what causes pain, how muscles work in tandem with one another, and more. Especially what happens in the event of an injury, or rather what types of movements cause said injuries. Best of all, there are visual aids to help even the least medically inclined of folks understand just what’s happening beneath the skin. Patients love that it offers an entertaining way to learn about their bodies, while doctors say it’s a great aid for explaining treatment options and symptoms. And in the process, it can help eliminate ongoing pains through user education and participation.

To better understand your own back’s intricacies, or to learn more about the body as a whole, check out Dr. Evans’s back-related video today.   For back support and comfort ideas - click here.