Thursday, July 24, 2014

Briny Fluids Help Combat Muscle Pains

Bodies were meant for movement. They were meant to exercise, to bend, and to expel energy in healthy, yet enjoyable forms of mobility. But even though muscles were meant to move, doesn’t mean they don’t hurt or become sore after doing so. Especially after strenuous workouts, or for those who are more genetically inclined for spasms. But by taking precautions, such as drinking briny fluids, muscle cramps of all kinds can be combatted. 

Recent studies have shown pickle juice, which has been consumed for years to reduce pains, especially for athletes, is not the only vinegar-based cure. Scientists are now saying virtually any briny liquid can also do the trick, including flavored vinegars, salted substances, and more. Leaving you the choice to pick your favorite flavor while still receiving the same results. However, you should also talk with your doctor before choosing a long-term favorite, especially those that are mixed at home. 

The Study

After performing a college-based experiment at Brigham Young University, in which athletes worked out and were then given pickle juice, results showed that the liquid was salty enough to help replenish muscles. (While the initial cramping is caused by salt and hydration levels being secreted into sweat.) The brine “trick,” though, has been used by athletic trainers for decades. 

In the study, athletes were forced into cramping situations through computers and/or minor shocks, then fed the pickle juice to see if, and how quickly, the brine would reduce their symptoms. Athletes who drank pickle juice experienced timely relief, while those who stuck to water still complained of pains. 

With the results in tow, however, there is now actual scientific proof behind the long-running theory. Proving that athletes should ingest pickle juice – or other briny substances, including sports drinks (for those who dislike the taste of pickles) – in order to prevent or eliminate cramping.