Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stay More Alert by Eating Healthy

Throughout the day, it’s easy to become tired or lethargic. Especially after a weekend full of activities, or even a single long night. Our bodies simply need an energy boost, and after hours of working (especially when sitting), a change of pace is needed to keep our energy level up. Oftentimes that means a cup of coffee – or another cup of coffee – tea, soda, or whatever drink of choice containing caffeine. And while this has proven to be a solid cure for afternoon sleepiness, it can also leave us reaching for a pick-me-up every hour. Even creating that post-caffeine crash once the side effects have run their course. 

However, there’s an easier and more effective alternative. One that’s actually healthy. By eating foods that are packed with vitamins, such as fruits and veggies, you can create a natural source of energy. Because the body’s taking in plenty of good-for-you stuff, it automatically stays alert. (In contrast, sugary or fatty snacks will call for heavy digestion and make you more tired, sometimes instantly.) Research even suggests that “crunching” into fruits and veggies also helps the body stay awake. Whether from the amount of chewing that’s required, or simply the sounds and flavors that come from taking louder bites. 

The next time you feel a bout of afternoon sleepiness coming along, consider a healthy meal or snack to help get you through the day. Apples, oranges, salads, carrot sticks, and more all have the ability to boost our alert-ness, while leaving you with some much-needed nutrients. Remember to pack these along when leaving the house, or look toward healthy vending machine choices rather than those that might sound the most satisfying. 

It’s a simple change that can lead toward more energy and a more efficient workday, even throughout the longest of afternoons.