Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nutrition Fads and How They Affect Trendy Consumers

There's no denying that foods can become more popular over time. With news reports, common demand, and in whatever ways restaurants have adjusted their cooking, some foods are just consumed more often than others. Then something else comes along and becomes equally popular for a certain amount of time. But if you're an informed consumer, one who listens to the media and is always out to try new recipes, chances are you try these fads. You might even jump in head first. But are all of them healthy? And what is following suit doing for your health?

In current trends, chances are they're simply adding nutrition. Items like kale, avocado, quinoa, and more have all made heavy waves in pop culture. However, it was not long ago that it was all about going carb-free, a method that allowed eaters to lose weight, for as long as they didn't eat carbs. Others argued that folks took the diet to an extreme and actually cut out healthy carbs, too. 

Condiments have long since been advertising as fat free, replacing traditional milk or sugar fats with outside ingredients to lower calorie counts. Though lately they've been adjusting labels from "fat free" to "all-natural" in order to accommodate eating trends.

Processed foods and drinks are even getting in on the action too. Likely as a marketing ploy, companies come out with limited releases that raise hype. Think Crystal Pepsi (1992-1993), Doritos and their mystery flavors, Lays' new recipes that must be voted on, and likely tens of flavors of Mountain Dew. Obviously these products are less healthy all on their own, but such adjustments often cause consumers to purchase far more than normal. Due to the urgency that comes from a limited time release. 

In any eating fad, however, it's up to the individual to ensure they're getting the proper amount of nutrition. Whether that means going to a medical professional (or a dietician), or intently reading labels, it's a method to ensuring your body is getting everything it needs. Trendy or otherwise.