Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Learn How You Can Earn a FREE Comfort Travel Cushion

There's not much in life that beats free. Where you can get a little something extra, but without footing that hefty bill that usually comes along with it. Because generally, getting more also means that it costs more, but not when you're dealing with free! Which is exactly the case with Contour Living's latest promotion. All you have to do is buy a Kabooti Seat Cushion and you get a Comfort Travel Cushion with it … at no additional charge!

Because we know just how important it is to be seated comfortably – for your sanity and also for your health – we've made it a package deal. But without adding a fee. Now customers can gain proper rear and back support no matter where they're seated. In the office, on the couch, in the car, and while on the go – even if flying or taking the bus. Both products are versatile, allowing users to move their seating needs along with them. With the addition of the Comfort Travel Cushion, however, that means easier travel, or the ability to maintain support, even when on the road. Because it's made for public transportation and lightweight transfers, Contour customers can pack along their cushions in a suitcase, or simply hold on as a carry-on. It's been airport tested and TSA regulated in order to make your trips easier, and as comfortable as possible. 

Whether you're ready to travel, or just need a proper seat cushion for the everyday (without traveling), this deal is a great way to go. It provides the best of both worlds, at no additional cost. A move that allows you to be ready to sit pretty at all times.

To learn more or to get started shopping today, head to our Kabooti home page now!