Thursday, August 20, 2015

How Often Should you Be Stretching?

Stretching the muscles is a simple and satisfying say to improve health. Not only does it add strength and increase the blood and oxygen flow, as well as expanding flexibility, it makes the muscles feel good. Which, in turn, makes you feel good. It's like a mini workout that can be achieved just by reaching for your extremities. An easy movement that can be done quickly, or drawn out in order to gain more muscle attention. Because of this ease of adaptability, and due to its intense benefits, stretching has long been seen as a go-to health factor. 

But how often should you be doing it? And what muscles need the most attention? In general, it's difficult, if not impossible to "over stretch." While it's still working the muscles, it's not doing so in a strenuous manner. While you should always check with a doctor, stretching can be done on a regular basis – when you feel sore to ease pains, or to wake yourself up if feeling tired. There are even (slightly controversial) studies showing that frequency in stretching isn't important. So long as you're doing it regularly, results will be seen. Others will learn their specific bodily needs and adjust stretching habits accordingly. However, one should also stretch a few times a week – two or three sessions – in order to get the most out of their efforts. More is certainly acceptable, while less can prevent muscles from reaching their full health potential. 

Whether you're a life long stretcher or are looking to get into the practice, there's plenty to consider. However, so long as you're on board with stretching, healthcare professionals and laymen alike agree that it's a step in the right direction. 

Start stretching today (and a few times a week) in order to start benefitting from this simplistic, yet extremely effective, method.