Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Customer Reviews: Contour Ortho-Fiber Pillow

Ortho-Fiber Pillow
The comments are in! We've tallied them, organized each mention, and decided upon our most useful feedback. And compiled it so you can help make an informed choice as a consumer. Whether you're looking for comfort, back and neck support, or all of the above, we've got you covered. 

Here's what our customers – first-timers and repeat shoppers – have had to say about this top-selling item, the Contour Ortho-Fiber Pillow. Spoiler: it's a Contour favorite; it's not just the customers getting in on this comfy pillow action!

"I bought this pillow five years ago for my husband, his chiropractor recommended it." 

"This pillow is just the right size! Fits my head perfectly and cradles the neck – no 'getting used to' period needed! Seriously so comfortable!" 

"Haven't slept through the whole night forever. I do now."  

"This pillow gives great support to the neck while sleeping. No matter whether I'm on my side or back, I feel supported to ease neck pain and keep my spine in alignment. Welcome replacement for my older model that I've used for a number of years." 

"It would take me forever to go to sleep, then never a restful sleep. Now 10 minutes and I'm asleep and for all night. Great product!"

"I have trouble sleeping so I was looking for a pillow that would help me breathe and not snore. I use the strips on my nose and elevate myself but my chin would drop down and obstruct my breathing. This pillow does just what I hoped. Thanks."

"Love it. I was looking for one for a long time – to replace the one I had." 

"Pillow was comfortable right away. Supports your head and neck and I wake up in the morning less sore. Thanks so much!"

"This is the second Contour Pillow I've owned, loved the first one, had it about two years. Firmness wore out. I will definitely buy another one when this one loses firmness."