Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10 Surprising Causes to Chronic Back Pain

For most, the thought of chronic or ongoing back pain sounds like a life sentence. Because it’s generally caused by an injury or intricacy of some kind (muscle spasms, pinched nerves or discs, etc.), these pains can be hard to locate, let alone cure. And unfortunately, for some folks, that remains true. For the majority of the population, however, back pain is often caused by simple everyday occurrences.

But by not understanding the cause(s), these behaviors are repeated and lead to even more painful symptoms. And believe it or not, the causes can be as simple as what you eat. How many of us wouldn’t change our diets if it would reduce or eliminate pain?

Check out these everyday activities that can lead to back pains.

  1. Failing to exercise – without regular movement muscles can become strained and stiff, often leading to pain. 
  2. Bad shoulder posture – slumped shoulders can realign the back and refocus where weight and muscles rest.
  3. Smoking – unhealthy and a steady habit, smoking can reduce oxygen and blood flow, among other medical issues. Without blood making its way through the lower back, pains are likely to develop; smokers suffer from back pains twice as often as non-smokers.
  4. A bra that doesn’t hold its weight – Without the support of a bra, the body is forced to pick up the slack on its own, causing excess weight toward the front of the body.
  5. Stress – When you can’t relax, all sorts of side effects take place, including that of manifested pains. 
  6. A poor diet – taking in too many fats and calories is bad for the body in more way than one. Avoid these foods when back pains occur.
  7. Sleeping on an old mattress – Without nighttime support, the back can strain and take on extra weight, resulting in lower back pains. 
  8. Heavy purses – Over time, carrying a purse can wear down muscles and put strains on the shoulder, all the way down to the lower back.
  9. Office chairs – Because they’re sat in for hours on end, office chairs should cradle and align the back, not bring on extra pressure. The same goes for the rear’s portion of the chair. 
  10. Too-worn shoes – Feet can be directly linked to a number of areas in the body, including the back. Without proper protection and weight displacement, that lack of reinforcement can often be felt elsewhere.