Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recommendations for body positions post tummy-tuck surgery

Among the various trends in our ever-changing society, plastic surgery is certainly one of them. Abdominoplasty, better known as the tummy-tuck, has held one of the top 5 most popular surgeries title since 2010, as 116,352 patients underwent the knife, according to the Report of the 2010 Plastic Surgery Statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Just as this invasive procedure is a cosmetic investment, proper care and recuperation must also accompany.
Starting with proper body elevation and positioning, from laying down to sleeping, there are certain precautions that need to be considered for optimal healing and comfort after tummy-tuck surgery. Supportive pillows come highly recommended for comfortable rest. The BackMax back and body wedge support system is ideal for this type of post-operative healing. The benefits of this product are countless, as it can be used in bed or on the floor and making it a perfect accessory for watching television, napping or reading. The Multi-functional full body support system helps creates positions recommended for elevating all parts of the body, including upper body, legs and feet.
However, Contour Living has highlighted the top eight most comfortable and supportive positions using the BackMax Back and Body wedge cushion.
Comfort can be found in:
Position 1:  An upright seated position
Position 2: Elevated knee and calf support
Position 3: Elevated head position
Position 4: Reclined with leg and calf support
Position 5: Arched position
Position 6: Elevated knee support position
Position 7: Reclined position with bent knees
Position 8: Supporting head, neck, knees and calves simultaneously
Offering your body this type of comfort and support will only enhance your results. We’ve taken the time to invest in the care of our bodies through extensive surgery, so it is just as important to invest in  top-of-the-line quality and care.


Jeff Conklin said...

Excellent product for recovery from a variety of surgeries! I read several years ago this was used by many women who have undergone tummy tuck surgery. They loved it and I have promoted it for recoveries ever since.