Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Best Chairs to Reduce Coccyx Pain

From reducing pressure to offering as much cushion as possible, there are several types of chairs that reduce tailbone pain. Each is designed to adjust the way you sit so weight is distributed more evenly, and doesn’t rest solely on the coccyx area. Check out these recommended chairs that offer the maximum levels of lower back relief.

Kneeling Chairs

Whether makeshift stool or actual chair, these versions place the weight on the legs and knees rather than the rear. “Sit” on this specialty-made incline to alleviate pressure where it can cause the most pain. Most are adjustable and come with ample knee padding.


With a number of available sizes and makes, these canvas-covered stools are made to fit any size. Perch on the edge to avoid tailbone pressure, or sink into the tripod model to maximize weightlessness.

Director’s Chairs

Made to sag, the director’s chair is great for all levels of coccyx pain. Find a traditional model, or a lowered version (such as a lawn chair or office version) for a gentle sitting option, no matter where you’re headed.

Medicine Ball

Because it’s inflatable and “gives,” a medicine ball is a great option to help combat tailbone pain. Adjust your posture as you go, and roll the ball to find a comfortable lower back position.

Zero Gravity Chairs

Though this option may be hard to use at a desk, it’s great for relaxing after a long day of back pain. Use it to remove the strain and pull from the lower back, which is a direct cause of coccyx inflammation.

The Toilet

Believe it or not, coccyx sufferers agree that the toilet is one of the most comfortable places to sit. The cutout middle provides relief exactly where it’s needed most. Consider taking an extra rest in the bathroom, or as some have done, find a new model solely for sitting purposes.

To learn more about your sitting options, head to Coccyx.org.