Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Stiff Neck Can Actually be a Sign of Food Poisoning

When we hear the term “food poisoning,” most think of an unpleasant scene. One where nights are spent on the bathroom floor and food can’t be kept down until the spell has passed. A stint of nausea, pain, and the feeling of never wanting to eat again. (At least for the time being.) But contrary to popular believe, suffering from food poisoning can mean a whole new list of symptoms. Such as a stiff neck or sore muscles throughout the body. A recent announcement associated with cheeses in the New England area has been linked to listeria – a form of bacteria – telling shoppers to beware or purchasing or eating these items. Officials have warned folks to stay away from certain brands, and to look out for signs of bacteria exposure.

Specifically, a stiff neck – recurring suddenly or for multiple days on end – can mean you’ve been exposed to something other than dairy. And if left untreated, listeria exposure can lead to an infection and further health concerns. Other symptoms include nausea, a sense of confusion, loss of balance, and fever.

Other muscle aches can also be a point of concern. If you’re experiencing aches and pains that are out of the ordinary (and haven’t worked out or strained muscles recently, etc.), it may be time to talk to your doctor about potential food exposures. Be sure to look at local warnings and headlines that may explain just what bacteria(s) you may have been exposed to. Then, take note of symptoms, especially when they began to take place in relation to your intake of contaminated foods.

Oftentimes a stiff neck is only a sign of sleeping wrong or turning one’s head to quickly. However, it can also mean the onset of something far more serious. To ensure your aches are nothing more than sore muscles, talk to your doctor today.