Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What Customers are Saying About the BackMax Wedge

Convertible comfort has always been the goal of the BackMax Plus. With the ability to turn and rearrange into eight different positions, it’s a pillow that adapts to user needs as they’re happening. Use the cushion to elevate knees or legs after surgery, allow it to take the weight off your lower back, or simply use it as a comfortable place to lounge – whether on the floor or the bed. With its versatility and smart design, the BackMax has been helping patients since its release.

Over the years, we’ve upgraded the cushion to better meet user needs – based on comments and requests. We created a wider version in the extra-wide deluxe set, we include a free fleece cover for ample comfort and cleanliness, and we even offer free shipping to help get your BackMax to your door faster.

But we aren’t the only one singing this product’s praises. Our customers, too, have shared their love for the BackMax Wedge.

They write:

“Wonderful product! Very easy to elevate legs -- easy to use like the pictures.” Jeffrey, 5-21-13
“I didn't know what to do about my back problem; I had not been sleeping in my bed for over five years. The neck pain often became excruciating. It finally dawned on me to search the Internet and I found Contour Living’s BackMax. Best thing I could have done. I had to return it only to EXCHANGE for BackMax Plus. Firm and comfortable. Thank you Contour Living!” Joyce G., 2-3-14
“Excellent product helps my aching back!” Robert, 5-21-13
“I have spent the last three years of my life in pain. I’ve seen both physiotherapists and osteotherapists, and still had continued to live with the pain, that was until I found the Contour BackMax. After four nights, I am now waking up without any pain. This has been a complete lifesaver, Thank you Contour!” from “Satisfied Customer,” 1-28-14
“I now own two sets because I NEVER want to be without it. One set is just for back up. So happy I found these -- I have back issues and fibromyalgia. The [BackMax] gives a very firm support, which I need. If I heard this company was going out of business, I would probably buy ten sets. That's how much I like them.” Mick, 8-6-13