Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reduce Back Pain with Proper Kidney Health

Oftentimes it’s hard to determine where pain comes from or how it got started. Because of ongoing injuries or pain that lead to different/more pain, many patients go undiagnosed each year. But when it comes to back pain – especially that of the lower back – patients can not only find a common cause, but work to reverse it. And all without the help of medications.

With the ongoing research on kidneys and the sciatica nerve, however, doctors have been able to determine a very simple fix: take care of your kidneys. Or more simply put, healthy kidneys = a pain-free back. Or at least an in-less-pain back. Just by taking care of yourself – especially in terms of the internal organs – patients can take on a number of natural cures. Pain can be reduced, moods improved, and over time, the body actually begins to heal itself from the inside out.

This connection comes from one of the many factors that can affect the sciatica nerve. Running directly through the lower back (and then down the hip and continuing south), the sciatica nerve can be touches or triggered by a number of organs and bodily functions. Basically, any outside factor affecting the nerve can contribute to pain, which is then felt in the lower back. Picky as the nerve may be, it provides a number of functions and it’s important to keep it in good health. Finicky tendencies and all.

However, that task becomes much easier the better we learn how it works. For instance, avoiding swollen or improperly working kidneys – which can cause direct pain on the sciatica nerve. But by eating better, avoiding alcohol, or taking kidney-healthy vitamins, this stressor can be avoided. (Talk to your doctor about your kidney health and what you can do to keep them in proper working order.)

Directly addressing these issues will help patients of all ailments gain relief, while getting healthier in the process.