Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Product: Mist O’Clock, a Dual Clock and Humidifier

Are you in need of a humidifier? What about a clock? Why not combine both needs into a single product, the Mist O’Clock. Contour Living’s new product combines the best of your time-telling and moisture-providing needs. Simply fill the tank with water, find a home, and enjoy humidity and punctuality all at once. Not only is this product small and compact so it can fit in any bedroom corner, it puts out a steady stream of moisture for those cool, dry months. You can even opt for the clock-only side for the summer.

The Mist O’Clock humidifier also hosts nature sounds – for those who prefer to be soothed to sleep – and sections to display the date, time, and room temperature. Or use the snooze button so you can awaken gradually each morning. Look to its gentle lighting to find your way around, or opt for changing colors (seven rotating hues)
when falling asleep each night. But most importantly, the humidifier safely and effectively adds moisture to the air.

Additional Mist O’Clock Features

Small and compact size makes it great for offices, dorms, or traveling.
Choose from six available nature sounds for a natural way to relax each evening.
When humidifying throughout the night, the Mist O’Clock is “whisper quiet,” so a to not wake you from deep sleep.
Power your model through a wall outlet, or plug its USB adapter into a computer for moisture while you work. Even when wall outlets are scarce.
Each Mist O’Clock comes with a three-year warranty.

Whether looking for a perfect gift or needing a new way to humidify the air, this clock combo has everything you need. Use it for a reliable travel clock and alarm, or to keep your sleeping quarters humidified each and every night.

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