Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Research Links Snoring and Weight Gain

Have you ever stopped to consider the sleeping side effects that come from snoring? The excess noise might keep you up (or your significant other), and might cause the occasional dry throat. Especially when spring allergies are clogging up the breathing process even more than normal. But did you know that snoring at night can also affect your day? New research shows that regular snorers are more likely to experience weight gain, especially over long periods of time.

Because snoring means interrupted sleep, it means you are losing rest every time that you gurgle or snort. Even if you don’t completely wake up, there is coughing or irregular breathing patterns that take away from the body’s ability to sleep. Or in other words, snoring = less sleep, whether or not you realize it. While this is likely to leave you drained and tired the next day, it’s actually not the worst side effect. A lack of sleep can mean inactivity and weight gain during one’s waking hours. Being tired can leave us lethargic, hungry, and unwilling to get in necessary exercise. And, over time, this can mean excessive amounts of weight gain, paired with dwindling levels of energy and growing levels of tiredness. An all around negative outcome. 

How to Eliminate Snoring

Thankfully, snoring is one sleeping issue that’s easy to cure. If you’re a sometimes snorer, look to variables that may cause sleep. Some of the most common snoring triggers include alcohol before bed, cold symptoms (whether from sickness or allergies), and sleeping position. By adjusting these simple aspects, you can work to eliminate snoring and wave off the extra pounds (stemmed through wakefulness) simply from how you sleep.

If your snoring is more stubborn, however, you may need to look into additional cures, such as nasal strips or CPAP machines, which regulate your air while you sleep. By providing a steady stream of airflow, you’re able to stay in a deep sleep rather than waking from a cough or sudden gasp for air. 

No matter the severity of your snoring, remember that getting it under control can help you shed excess pounds. Diagnose your snoring cause today for more restful nights of sleep