Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jobs That Require Excessive Bending – And What to Do About It

Out of all of the available jobs in today’s market, there are plenty to choose from. No matter your talents, preferences, or area(s) of expertise, folks can find a position that utilizes their learned skills. Depending on the workload, however, that might mean sitting in an office chair for hours on end, or it might mean spending your days laying tile or lifting heavy objects. None of which offer good news for the back. But no matter what your preferred method of paying the bills may be, there are back-friendly tips to help even the most strenuous of jobs.

Back Breaking Positions

  • Physical laborers, such as construction workers, contractors, plumbers, etc.
  • Childcare providers (babies are heavy!)
  • Medical professionals, who are on their feet most of a shift
  • Food servers, who carry heavy trays and bend while serving and picking up plates
  • Office workers who sit most of the day

How to Prevent Work-Induced Back Pain

Obviously, if you’re suffering from current pains, you should talk to both your doctor and your employer. Your doctor so that he or she can work out a treatment plan, and can determine what activities are causing the most pain(s). And your employer so you can work to find a better daytime solution to the activities that are triggering your symptoms.

On your own, however, you can consider various treatment methods. For instance, massages, which can relax the muscles, small doses of OTC pain medications (once doctor approved), or evening stretching to loosen up the muscles. New supportive pillows or seat cushions (even if you’re not sitting that often) can also do wonders for the back. 

No matter your job or level of back pain, consider these simple tips – as well as personal consults – to help eliminate the problem. And to find your next seat cushion, check out Contour’s selection here.