Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Product: Quilted Mesh Reversible Cover

Contour Living is proud to announce the release of its newest product, the Quilted Mesh Reversible pillow cover. Thanks to this new innovation, sleepers everywhere can add comfort and style to their bedrooms without breaking the bank. Best of all, it allows you to transform your already existing pillows into a comfortable, reusable model that will last for years on end. Or – until you’re ready to upgrade to a new one. 

How the Quilted Mesh Cover Works

Simply place a pillow inside the Contour cover to add volume and comfort; use it to turn any pillow, even the wimpiest of pillows, into luxury model. Choose from three different pillow sizes (standard, queen, and king), and create the sleeping surface – and space – you value most. 

The case is also reversible to offer sleepers the best of both worlds, and the best of hot and cold seasons. Use the mesh side, which made of breathable material so you can stay cool throughout the night, a fact that comes as great news to any hot sleeper. Or, choose from the quilted comfort side for an added bit of plushness to help cradle you into wintertime sleep. 

But because the case comes with two durable options, there’s no need to pick sides. 

Additional features:
  • Soft, quilted cover to help induce sleep
  • Made of 100% cotton and comes with 300-thread count
  • Made with premium breathability to reduce night time sweating or overheating
  • Reversible case to compliment sleeper temperature and environment

Shop now to receive a discount on multiple cases, with free shipping when you purchase two or more covers. One for you, one for your significant other, for the guest room, or for the next person on your shopping list. 

Ready to upgrade your sleeping environment with a Quilted Mesh Cover? Head to Contour Living’s product page and start shopping today.