Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Sales are No April Fools

On a day meant for trickery and deceit – hopefully all in good fun – comes a solid announcement. One that wasn’t meant to pull the wool over its audiences’ eyes. Amidst all the false announcements on social media, pretend lottery winnings, or outright practical jokes at the office place comes actual savings to be had from Contour Living. We love a good joke as much as the next guy, but when it comes to offering a good deal, we never mess around!

For a limited time, we’re offering massive savings on the Mattress Genie Bed Wedge. Turn any bed into an adjustable one with this simple addition, which can add height, comfort, and a growing number of sleeping positions all with the push of a few buttons. This product is ideal for anyone wanting to receive a little height on their mattress, whether reading or looking for a cure for acid reflux. The Mattress Genie Bed Wedge has even been improved with better, longer-lasting features. 

To learn more about the updates (and how you can save big bucks), head to the company product page, here.

Contour’s Ongoing Deals

Customers can also receive free shipping when they shop. Whether you’re looking for a new pillow or the perfect gift for a loved one, all products are eligible for free shipping. Simply check out the tag above each item to learn more about your shipping options. 

Finally, head to Contour Living’s clearance page for constant access to our best deals. These products are still designed with our highest of standards in mind – opting for maximum levels of comfort and functionality. With the clearance page, however, you’re simply getting the best deal possible. Check in for deals on pillows, seat cushions, add-on products, and more. 

Ready to get shopping? Check in each week to find your favorite new deal!