Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Product! Introducing the Warm Cool Lumbar Support Cushion

Use warm and cool ice pack for back pain
It's one of favorite times of the year, where we get to announce new products! Today we celebrate our latest event with the Warm Cool Lumbar Support Cushion, a transformable product that can be taken from hot to cold (or left at room temperature). All while providing ample lower back support. 

The product can be used with any type of chair – set it up at the office, place in your car, or even on the couch. Better yet, with adjustable temperatures, you can ice away pain or heat an injury until your heart's content. And with a built-in pocket and reusable gel pack, you can find the best temperature possible, as often as you like. Simply adjust as necessary.

Additional features:
  • Offers therapeutic relief
  • Supports the lower back and lumbar area
  • Specifically designed to bring on comfort and support
  • Soothes aches and pains while adjusting toward proper alignment
  • Offers dual temperatures so users can find the best solution to their specific back needs.

The Warm Cool Lumbar Support Cushion is a product that can help many gain much-needed comfort. By utilizing seated support in a number of different scenarios, back aches and pains can all be treated. Additionally, with the help of heat and cold added in, patients can bring additional relief to the lower back, no matter what type of trauma it's seen.

In order to start learning more about the specialized pillow, or to order yours today, head to our product page. Here, you can check out photos and links, or ask questions through our live chat feature. An overall scenario that helps provide our shoppers with the best possible user experience.

Order your new seat cushion now, and start giving your lower back the comfort and support that it deserves.