Friday, October 23, 2015

Are These Underrated Behaviors Causing You Back Pain?

Alleviate back pain with a positioning cushion
Throughout the course of a lifetime, almost everyone will experience back pain. Oftentimes it's minimal and for a very short amount of time, but others aren't so lucky. Their back pain is chronic, and quite possibly severe. What's even worse, however, are cases that can't be strictly diagnosed. Rather living with ongoing pain and attempting to solve what can't be pinpointed. 

To avoid ongoing back pain, or to diagnose current intermittent aches and their potential causes, take note of these common habits. Everyday activities such as:

Laying on the Couch

Every once an a while, this is a welcome treat, but being too much of a couch potato can mess up your entire back alignment. If you can't limit your time on the sofa, look to special cushions or wedges that will help hold everything in place. And that help to keep it pain free. 


We all know smoking is unhealthy, but few of us know that it can cause back pain in addition to other health risks. Nicotine can affect blood flow, cutting off circulation throughout the body. Over time, this can cause pain and inflammation throughout the body, while often focusing on the back.

Too Much Exercise

Yes, there can be too much. Overdoing it with the weights, having poor foot insulations, etc. can all affect the back and cause pain. As well as robbing the body of too many calories.

If you're suffering from back pain,or minor aches and pains, the culprit might just be one of the above. Whether it's affecting the body all on its own, or adding to a previous condition, these underrated and often sneaky factors can cause far more harm than we realize. Look to adjusting simple steps, or work toward a daily routine that is not only healthier, but that works to reduce back pain. And eliminates your ongoing triggers.