Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Improve Mattress Comfort with the Memory Foam Topper

Ready to sleep like a dream? Without spending a fortune? No matter your reasoning for wanting to upgrade, there is an easy, affordable solution: a mattress topper. It’s an addition that can adhere to all types of beds, all sizes, and comes in a variety of preferences. For instance, if you want a softer bed but your spouse likes sleeping firm, get a topper for half of the bed. Or find an in-between topper for the entire model that can help compromise on both sides of the spectrum. 

Mattress covers can also add incredible amounts of comfort and support. Even if your bed is perfectly new and respectable, this extra layer can bring bone and muscle alignment throughout the entire night. It will also help lengthen the lifespan of your mattress, reducing wear and tear and how weight settles. 

Why Try the Cloud Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

This product not only comes with a Comfort Guarantee, meaning it can be returned for a full 90 days after purchase, but is specifically for a better sleep experience. It’s three layers of complete memory-having, comfort-giving foams. All to allow you as much cushion as possible, in a design that won’t break down over time.  

Layer one – Soft Touch Memory Foam. Made of plush, space-age memory foam, this is perhaps our favorite part of all. It molds to your body’s exact shape and size, creating a cradled sleeping surface. 

Layer two – Yellow Support Insert. You guessed it, this layer adds support where you need it most: the waist, lower back, and hips.

Layer three – Firm Blue Base. Another layer for support, this final section ensures the topper won’t lose integrity or sink with weight. Its firm material holds everything together and makes it last.

Ready to start sleeping on your very own Cloud Mattress Topper? Click to order or learn more today. Adjustable for all bed sizes!