Thursday, April 23, 2015

6 Reasons you Should Sleep for your Skin

Though we often take it for granted, skin is actually the largest organ of the body. It keeps us intact, holds out allergens and other stressors, and helps hold everyone together, literally. And that’s only the beginning of what skin has to offer.

Aside from nutrients and plenty of moisture, however, one of the most important things our skin needs is sleep. By getting the proper amount of rest – something we need to function anyway, the skin, too, can greatly improve upon its health. Including aspects such as:

6. Improving the Immune System

Did you know a large function of the immune system runs through the skin? A lack of rest doesn’t allow the epidermis to perform those same duties with efficiency. 

5. Beauty Rest

It’s not just a myth. Getting better sleep helps you look better, allowing the skin an extra ability to glow and reflect more attractive sections of light. 

4. Slowing the Aging Process

Deep and regular bouts of sleep allows the body to look and feel younger. In contrast, a bad night’s rest can increase that process, something no one wants to encourage. 

3. Jump Starting the Metabolism

Regular sleep can also improve one’s ability to burn calories in a resting state. Staying awake, however, can do the opposite and actually slow down the metabolism.

2. Getting Rid of Skin Conditions

Whether you suffer from blemishes, eczema, or some other skin irritability, sleep can help make it better. This works to let the body to cure itself with rest, rather than stressing while awake, only irritating the situation even further.

1. Rejuvenating During Sleep

Yes really. Skin, just like the rest of the body, needs the opportunity to catch up on down time and relaxation. Through regular and recommended sleep, it can help toward all of the above, and more. Just from getting your daily night’s sleep.