Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Utilize the Apple Watch for Better Health

With the announcement of its new Apple Watch, the computer and tech company gave the public new hope. With the promise of a product that’s out to make fitness, communication, time efficiency, and more, easier. From a single and wearable device. And while it’s not the first smartwatch on the market, it’s one that’s compatible with all of one’s Apple products. While providing some unique features. For instance, the ability to send your heartbeat to friends, along with personalized sketches.

But perhaps the most exciting feature is its fitness tracker. The Apple Watch notes all of your movement throughout the day, and then categorizes it into standing, moving, and exercise sections. Then, the watch charts those portions in one, simple to read format (circles with different colors so it’s easy to keep track of what’s what). By keeping each chart side-by-side, however, wearers are able to see just how much of their time is spent doing which form of movement (or lack thereof), and then allows them to adjust accordingly. Over time, you can even use these numbers to work toward a more efficient routine each and every day.

The downside, however, comes in cost. For those who are perfectly happy with a cheaper watch, it’s a serious upgrade (you may even want to look to more budget-friendly smartwatch models, or a fitness tracker that doesn’t include a timepiece). It also has outside features not everyone will utilize, for instance, wrist-ready communication. But for those who are all about Apple, or who want to make a serious investment in their fitness upgrades, this upcoming device just may be the way to go. 

Check out the Apple page to gain more info, or head to this link about smartwatch alternatives to find a model that meets every lifestyle, and every budget.