Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sleeping Positions to Improve Digestion: When it’s Not Good to “Go Green”

This St. Patrick’s Day, we’re celebrating the day with as much green as possible. From outfits, to dishes, to parades, and anything else that incorporates the leprechaun’s favorite holiday. It’s safe to say it’s a day that’s greener than any other. 
But when it comes to bodily functions, greener isn’t always better. In fact, it’s far worse. No one wants to be green in the face, that is nauseous, any time of day. Especially when they’re trying to sleep. 

In order to get past whatever digestion ailment that has you on edge, look to these simple and comfortable sleeping positions. Each of which helps the body naturally improve digestion, and keeps you from going green in the face. No matter what they day may bring. 

The Right Side

When your stomach is feeling uneasy, one of the best ways to sleep is on your right side. Because of the way the intestines sit, this allows food and accompanying acids to settle and rest, rather than causing even further feelings of unease. Consider rolling over to your right the next time your stomach is upset.

On an Incline

Eat right before bed? Whether you’re experiencing acid reflux, indigestion, or know you need a little more time before you can sleep comfortably, consider an incline. This allows the body to naturally settle its contents with the help of gravity. Opt for a wedge-shaped pillow, or stack a few to gain similar results. You can even lounge in the chair until you feel properly digested. 

The Left Side

Unlike an upset stomach, the left side seems to be the way to go when preventing heartburn. (Whether it’s already struck, or you’re looking to nix its symptoms before they arrive.) These findings were proven by a number of sleep studies, all of which featured regular heartburn suffers who made the switch to left-side sleeping. 


While sleeping with your face into the pillow might not sound like the most comfy position, it might be the best for helping with digestion. Try this tactic after a heavy meal, or when eating right before bed. It’s a great way to give the intestines a helping hand, while eliminating discomfort or stomach twists and turns throughout the night. 

To better eliminate painful sleeping patterns, especially those associated with digestion, opt for these simple solutions. They’re a proven and comfortable way to gain better sleep.