Thursday, March 12, 2015

The 10-Minute Sore Muscle Cure

Muscles sore? Do they strain with movement and make it almost cringe-worthy to perform certain movements? You’re in luck. New research shows there’s an easy and fast cure: a 10-minute massage. Rather than looking to painkillers, diet change, an increase in liquid intake, or any other method, a good old-fashioned massage may just provide the best results. 

However, to obtain the highest levels of success, it should be a short one. Too long and you can actually increase the levels of pain, while a session that’s less than 10 minutes can mean that not enough blood has been stimulated. 

Because of the way muscles work and settle after an injury or exercise, this short stimulation has shown to provide the most efficient levels of relief. A medium level of blood flow and oxygenation. Without the need for chemicals or any other substance and its side effects. 

Additionally, research shows that, with this length of time, the body activates and awakens genes that actually increase healing levels. Meaning you can not only gain immediate relief, but actually speed up the health of your muscles in the process. A natural and effective way to increase the healing process once and for all. And because it only lasts for 10 minutes, your massage will be on the cheap side of salon services. Or, ask your significant other to help in the healing sector (be sure and offer to reciprocate the next time they’re sore). 

While there are all types of treatments and available offers, it turns out one of the most effective is a natural, substance-free one. An act that can be performed in the comfort in your own home, and in 10 minutes or less. Look to this proven treatment method the next time you’re sore or stiff for an easy and budget-friendly way to speed along your muscles’ healing efforts.