Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Dual Comfort Pillow is On Sale!

Now is time to buy your next pillow from Contour Living! With this limited time sale, sleepers of all ages can enjoy increased comfort at a fraction of the price.  Stock up for yourself and your family members, or purchase plenty in advance to give as gifts throughout the year. They also make great pillows for a guest bed; guests will be more comfortable than ever! 

The Dual Comfort Pillow offers premium materials and construction plus temperature controlled surfaces -  plenty of comfort perks, including its “dual” sided feature for which it’s named. Sleep on the quilted cotton side for breathable, plush, comfort, or opt for the cool mesh side to help keep your head and body cool while you sleep. This mesh creates a layer of air between the body and pillow, allowing plenty of air to pass while still providing its same head cradling features. With its breathable mesh and quilted cotton, the Dual Comfort Pillow provides the best of sleeping environments into a single, supportive pillow. 

The pillow also comes with a zippered case so you can remove and wash your cover as often as you prefer. Simply slip the pillow out of its plush dual-sided case for a clean surface every time you or your guests go to sleep. The pillow is also great for offering proper neck and spine support, no matter which side you choose to sleep on.

Whether you’re a hot sleeper or are in the market for a new supportive pillow, the Dual Comfort from Contour allows for all of the above. This premium pillow is now on sale.