Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Make Your Booty Happy with a Kabooti Comfort Seat Cushion

Sitting is a part of everyday life – there’s no way around it. Whether you’re sitting for long periods of time, or short bits in-between, it’s a necessary act that gets us through the day. (And allows for some much needed rest.) Which is why, when we are sitting, we want it to be as comfortable as possible. In the same way you don’t want to walk in uncomfortable shoes, you don’t want to sit in a chair that’s too hard, too soft, or any combination of the two. 

So how do you make uncomfortable shoes work in your favor? With the help of cushions or insoles. And the same can be said for sitting – with a cushion, even the hardest seat can be made into a back-friendly place that anyone would be happy to sit upon. Choose one that’s specifically designed to support the rear, such as the Kabooti Cushion, and even more health perks can be had. 

Why You Should Kabooti

With the help of this specially designed cushion, users of all ages and lengths of sitting time can gain infinite benefits. Such as a comfortable way to support the back, cushion for the rear so as to not cause muscle or nerve pains, and better posture simply by aligning themselves up with the wedge base. It even comes complete with a coccyx cutout so as to reduce any excess weight displacement or pressure that can occur on or around the tailbone. 

Better yet, it’s portable and can adapt to any chair. Simply place it on top of your favorite seating surface – even sporting events and benches – and enjoy the ongoing benefits that come from sitting atop the Kabooti Comfort Seat Cushion. Then pack it away and use it in the car! With this diverse abilities, you can enjoy quality support and comfort no matter where you’re sitting each day. 

Ready to catch up on the Kabooti’s benefits today? Head to Contour Living and start shopping.