Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Product: The Backarc Massager

Who says a great massage can’t happen at home … without the help of a professional, or even a non-pro? With Contour Living’s new product, the Backarc Massager, anyone and everyone can create their very own at-home, deep tissue massage. No expensive training needed. Not to mention, no more scheduling an appointment or waiting until your significant other gets home. Now you can get the massage your muscles need whenever you desire it most. 

The product works by rolling against the wall on the mounted, wheel-hosting device. Adjust it for standing or sitting height, whichever you prefer for your regular at-home massage sessions. Then, simply line up your back and roll your way to a more relaxed disposition. Massage lengths can also be tailored to meet your needs. Opt for a short massage to release a little tension, or give yourself a deep-tissue, long-term massage to eliminate aches and pains from deep within the back

Additional Back Massaging Features

The Backarc Massager also allows you to:

  • Adjust pressure by using one’s own body weight
  • Control massage length and pressure points
  • Stand or sit to achieve maximum comfort
  • Meet and reach the contours of your back

To get a professional grade massage, there’s no longer the need to book an expensive salon appointment. This quality product can help eliminate pains on a daily basis, with a one-time purchase. Thanks the Backarc Massager, those of all back-related ailments can get the treatment they need whenever they need it most. And in the comfort of your own home. 

To get started on your at-home back treatments today, look no further than Contour’s latest release. It’s ease of use and high quality mechanics will offer the perfect solution to all your back muscle aches and pains.

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