Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Product! Contour’s Double Back Cushion

In our ever-growing repertoire of back relief products now comes a brand new revolutionary product: the Double Back Cushion. Contour’s latest release and offering two solutions in one, this new type of cushion is one we’re happy to stock our shelves with … and just in time for the holidays.

But what exactly does this “Double Back” thing have to offer?

As its name suggests, the pillow is two products in one – a stuffed leg pillow and a foam lumbar support wrap. Simply unroll for lumbar structure, or roll into its pillow form for comfort with added height.

The Double Back pillow can be used in a wide variety of combinations so patients can get the most out of their treatment options.

The “duo” works great as a supportive neck pillow; try it on the couch, in the car, or when traveling for a comfortable way to squeeze in some rest. But that’s not all the Double Back Cushion can do. When used on the back, stomach, or legs, it offers some serious relief. Place the pillow between the legs or under the ankles for cushioned relaxation, while the lumbar foam section offers mid and lower back alignment.

For those with ongoing discomfort, the duo is made to offer relief in specific pressure point areas.

Added features:

Sleepers in all positions can use the pillow, whether sleeping on their side, back, or stomach.
The Double Back is made to support both the cervical spine and the lumbar areas.
With this product, spines receive cushioned alignment, along with the hips and knees. No more twisting or pressure during sleep.
In its lumbar position, the pillow is 27 inches long, while its pillow counterpart measures 10.5 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

From holiday shopping to personalized back support, Contour’s new Double Back Cushion has something to offer everyone.

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