Friday, January 2, 2015

One Month With My Contour Pillow: A Review

A little over a month ago I ordered myself a Contour Cloud Pillow. And I love it. Like 100% obsessed – more than I thought was possible to love a pillow – obsessed.

I’d known about them for quite some time. But for whatever reason, hadn’t taken the leap into head-supported sleeping. (I’ve been sitting on a Kabooti for over a year – and have yet to be disappointed in even the slightest, so really, there’s zero excuses for my procrastination.) 

Once it arrived, however, I was almost instantly hooked. (Almost just because it came at 10 am, which is well before my normal bedtime.) That night, I used it in lieu of my flatter, regular pillow, and noticed immediate results. My neck was comfortable and cushioned. My lower back earned a sense of weightlessness and relief that I didn’t even know it needed. As for the rest of my back, it felt like I’d come fresh off a chiropractor appointment – free of stress and perfectly aligned. All from about 30 seconds with my new pillow.

If my bed hadn’t been comfortable before, with the Contour pillow it received the largest of upgrades – turning it into a cozy and cushioned fortress that pretty much makes it impossible to stay awake.

Testing Out the Sleeping Rounds

Resting on my back wasn’t the only place that was comfortable; I’m a side sleeper. Once I’d rolled and gotten into my normal position, I couldn’t move. It was that comfortable. Infinitely more comfortable than with my previous pillow. The smoke detector could have been blaring and I’d have been waving it off, wishing for “just a few more minutes.” 

Now, just over a month later, the pillow’s my go-to model. Every night. I have other pillows on the bed, but they’ve all been demoted to reading and/or TV watching supports only. Because with the Contour pillow, not only do I know I’m going to be cozy, any back pains are taken care of before they even have the chance to form. It’s seriously comfortable, helps me gently drift into sleep, and relaxes my spine and neck with zero effort on my part. 

It’s a dream of a pillow, really. I think I’ll keep it.