Friday, January 9, 2015

Lower the Thermostat for Deeper Sleep

There’s no denying that, this time of year, the heater is working overtime in order to keep up. Between freezing temperatures and wind that inevitably leaks through even the tightest of window seals, our homes are just plain chilly. Meaning heaters are kicking on several times per hour just to keep up. 

When sleeping, however, it just may be better to turn down the temp. Not only for a more budget-friendly way to keep your house warm, but to gain better sleep. By lowering the temperature just a few degrees, the body is able to rest and relax into an even deeper level of sleep. (Need proof? When was the last time you got incredible sleep in a balmy or too-warm environment?) It’s simply a natural way to coax the body into deep REM levels of sleep. 

How to Keep Warm

In order to gain these benefits without freezing, be sure to layer on the blankets. Or, choose warmer materials to avoid being weighted down by multiple layers. Flannel sheets and warm PJs will also work to keep you plenty warm when heading to bed. While socks – especially wool ones (or another material that’s designed to keep in heat) – will prevent warmth from leaving the body. After all, no one likes waking up cold, especially when it prevents them from falling back asleep. 

If you generally sleep with a fan on, consider getting a corner fan that won’t be pointed in your direction. Or, choose a noise machine that can provide similar soothing effects but without lowering the temperature too low. 

This winter, don’t be afraid to embrace the cold. Rather than avoiding it at all costs, lower the thermostat a few degrees and start earning some of the best sleep you’ll receive all season long.