Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Don’t Over Eat This Thanksgiving! Here’s How

The Thanksgiving holiday has long-since been a food lover’s favorite. After all, it’s an entire day dedicated to consuming some of our best dishes, including those that only come around a few times per year. But just because it’s an annual event doesn’t mean the day should be spent gorging or overeating. In fact, not doing so can allow for leftovers and plenty of foods for the following days. 

For the long-time stuffers, those who love to make themselves miserable, consider holding off instead. It’s a new tradition that can leave you comfortable, happy, and in better stomach health for the remainder of the day. Not to mention more alert come evening time, and less likely to suffer from bouts of indigestion or acid reflux. Both of which can be increased with heavy meals. 

Take it easy this Thanksgiving by:

Serving Smaller Portions

Put less food on your plate to better pace your meal. There’s always a chance to get seconds. But starting slow can give you time to taste and enjoy each serving without feeling an obligation to get full so quickly.

Eating Slower

By giving your food more time to digest, you’re more likely to become fuller with fewer amounts of food. 

Drinking More Water

This too helps portions settle. Remember to consume plenty of fluids with each serving of your Thanksgiving meal.

Waiting for Dessert

Ok, this might sound like the least enjoyable of them all, but letting a meal digest (or start to) can better prepare it for dessert. Not only by making more room, but by giving the stomach enough time to process this heavy job. 

Finally, with this lighter meal, you’ll be able to eat dinner (or breakfast) without feeling guilty. By naturally pacing the body, it’ll be more than ready for its next round of tasty Thanksgiving favorites.