Friday, September 5, 2014

Proven Results From the Folding Bed Wedge

Looking for an excuse to get more comfortable each night? How about a mattress add-on that’s proven to offer real-time results? And one you can save money on in the process? Not only is the Folding Bed Wedge on sale, order two or more (one for you and one for your significant other, guest room, or whoever’s on your Christmas list) and shipping is free!

The Folding Bed Wedge has been helping Contour Living customers sleep since it hit the market. Need a little more convincing as to just how comfortable this product actually is? See what current and past users have had to say:

The Bed Product Reviews

I am really enjoying my 12" pillow wedge. It helps me in more than one way: I've had back surgery and [an] acid reflux problem. Thanks so much.” August 2014
“This was the second wedge pillow I tried. The first brand was too soft and made my neck sore. This 7-inch one was firm and comfortable. It definitely relieved my acid reflex during sleep. Just give yourself a few days to adjust to it. It works well for side sleeping too.” July 2014
“Helped with sleep after surgery also helps with sleep apnea.” June 2014
This product is awesome! I just got it last Wednesday and since then I have not coughed, nor had back and leg aches upon wakening in the morning. This says a lot since I am a cancer victim and have many aches and pains. I ordered the long one, 10" deep ... excellent product! Highly recommend it to everyone, ill or not!” May 2014
“Works for me!” April 2014
“Purchased 10-inch wedge. Only using for about a week but sleeping much better! Not waking up coughing from acid reflux and really helping with neck and back problems. Used to wake up with stiff neck and headache … not this week! :).” March 2014
“This product came very quickly and is exactly as described. I am very happy to receive it and use it. Thank you Contour Living for an excellent product.” February 2014

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