Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Multitask your Pillow with the Butterfly Leg Pillow

Spines have been supported and made pain free with Contour products for years. One of our favorites (and best sellers), the Contour Leg Pillow, has been providing leg and back comfort since its debut. Now, however, its cousin has a chance at offering the same levels of relief to all ages of users. Not only does it come with the same shape that cradles and lifts the legs into place, the Butterfly Leg Pillow is far more versatile. Sleep with it between your legs, then split the pillow open to host feet or calves after waking up. Plus, it comes with a massage feature so it can gently soothe muscles back to health.

Named for its ability to “butterfly” into an array of shapes with a unique hinge design (but without uncomfortable hardware), this pillow is perfect for sore or achy muscles. Whether just offering them support, or a soothing massage that coaxes blood flow back into sore areas. Use it at night, pack it along for your next vacation, or keep it on hand for whenever your back pain starts to flare up. 

The pillow also comes with:
          • Easy massage function that turns on and off with the flip of a switch
          • Thigh cradling abilities (great for pregnant ladies who are carrying extra, yet uneven weight).
          • Proper lower body alignment features.
          • The ease of providing relief and added blood flow to tired feet or legs.

The Butterfly Leg Pillow offers users three functions in a single device, cutting down the need for multiple (and expensive) pillows and extra storage. It’s even on sale, coming with free shipping when shoppers buy two or more. 

To get started with your very own pillow-based comfort today, head to Contour Living’s product page and start shopping!