Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tips for Sleeping in Hotel Beds

Does your back hurt after sleeping in a new bed? What about your neck or legs? When sleeping in a new place, most often a hotel, it can be common to wake up stiff and in pain. Because it’s a new surface, and not one your body is accustomed to, the body can have a hard time getting comfortable. Then once it does, will often be jarred out of its normal position, creating awkward placements for the muscles and spine. And because we sleep in these out-of-the-ordinary poses (for hours on end), it causes pain and stiff joints throughout the rest of the day. 

So how do we avoid these uncomfortable scenarios? After all, it’s hard enough to get proper rest while traveling, let alone when it causes us to hurt during our waking hours. With the help of proper pillows or any added accessories, however, those pains can be greatly reduced. If not eliminated altogether. 

How to Eliminate Back Pains While Traveling

The next time you travel, remember to take a supportive pillow. Use one for your neck, legs, or hips – whatever tends to hurt the most while on vacation. These pillows will help keep your body properly aligned, while adding some much needed comfort in the process. You can also talk with the hotel and inquire about extra pillows or any mattress toppers that might make your stay more pleasant. 

Another way to reduce pains can be achieved by the way you sleep. If it’s your lower back that usually hurts, it may be best to sleep on your side. And so on. Talk to your doctor about various sleeping positions, specifically those that will work best for your specific body type. A quick Google search can also provide some insight on nightly routines and how to take advantage of your next hotel stay.

Get started on these simple tips while planning your your next trip.