Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Calming Scents That Will Help you Relax

Are you a naturally stressed out person? Do you take everyday events personally, and then let them affect your day negatively? Do your shoulders and muscles tense up in the process? Unfortunately, this is a personality trait that many endure on a daily basis. Whether they’re high strung or are constantly looking for a way to fix everything, they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. A task that can become literally painful over time, even just from tensing the muscles too often. It’s a practice most don’t realize they’re doing when under stress.

However, by working toward relaxing practices – such as scents that naturally calm the body – you can easily release tension. Even subconsciously, which can work to eliminate the most amount of stress.

The next time you need to relax, look to these scents to help naturally boost the process. 

Scents that Can Reduce Stress

  • Teas – Consuming tea has long been thought of as a way to relax the body, but have we ever stopped to wonder why? Flavors such as chamomile and mint have calming powers, though it’s also shown that mild doses of caffeine can jumpstart the brain into a more alert state. 
  • Lavender – This herb (as well as some of its cousins) can trigger the body’s anxiety relief. Smell fresh sprigs to relax, or opt for scented candles or oils instead. Just be sure to avoid perfumes that are too sugary sweet. 
  • Apples – Believe it or not, smelling a green apple has been shown to reduce the body’s stressors. It can also work to reduce headaches, just through its built-in scent. 
  • Coconut – Fresh coconuts may be hard to come by (depending on your location), but hunting one down might be well worth the effort. Scientists say cutting into the fruit can lower blood pressure and reduce the body’s natural “fight or flight” instincts. 

Use these scents to naturally relax on a daily basis. And stay tuned for even more smells that will lower your body’s stress levels.