Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Support Group Aims to Help Girls with Curved Spines

For anyone with a “normal,” straight spine, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Your back, without your consent, has performed its duties successfully for the entirety of your life. Without even having to think about it, your back has taken care of itself, and therefore, you. But for those with scoliosis, that isn’t always the case. With a spine that curves in C or S-shaped patterns, these patients suffer from the stigma that comes with a “different” type of skeletal structure.

Which is why there’s a growing support group out to help and connect those with scoliosis, specifically young women. Known as Curvy Girls, the group has gained popularity in the U.S. and is now expanding into Canada – citing its main goals as connecting others with the disease and raising awareness about scoliosis.

First manifesting in kids – the group says most don’t even realize their spine curves because it’s so subtle. Even small curves, however, can still disrupt movement and lead to lifestyle changes.

Other, more severe cases often require surgery or the addition of metal rods to keep the spine from increasing its curves over time. This can decrease back mobility and require frequent doctor visits. No matter the severity or the outcome, the group says each chapter looks to reach out to as many girls as possible. So they can spread the word about scoliosis, and to let others know just how normal a curved spine can feel.

Spine Health in your Area

Since 2006, Curvy Girls has been helping those all across the U.S. learn about scoliosis and deal with the process of having a curved spine. With their new growth into Canada, an entire new country of ladies can gain the support of their peers and work to educate others on spinal health, and just how manageable life with an “abnormal” spine can be.

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