Friday, March 28, 2014

Improve Your Commute with a New Car Seat Cushion

Driving to and from work every day can become a monotonous task. You know exactly where to slow down, what time you’ll need to leave to best hit the lights, and if traffic is just right, you can cut down the drive time tremendously. No matter how routine your routine has become, however, there can always be room for improvement. 

While a new playlist or better cup of coffee might do the trick, there’s even a better way to make your commute more comfortable: with a new seat cushion

After all the hours you’ve spent sitting on the original model, why not consider an upgrade?

Seat Cushion Perks

With a new seat cushion, you can receive a number of benefits as soon as it makes its way into your car. You can sit straighter, improve your posture, receive more cushion and rear-cradling support, and you can work to eliminate back, leg, and rear pain – just by sitting. Or if you prefer to focus on the back rather than the rear, look to supports that can easily fit onto any-sized chair. Some Velcro onto the front, while others come with straps to hold them snugly in place. No matter your preference, there’s a proper car cushion out there waiting for you. 

Even short commutes can be benefited from this simple, yet extremely helpful option. Just choose a cushion that best meets your sitting troubles, and place it in your car to receive instant adjustments. Or look to travel-sized options for a model that can transfer from the car to the office. This choice is great for anyone who carpools or is looking for an easy solution for their daytime sitting. 

Whether your commute is short or long, consider the addition of a car seat cushion or instant driving relief. 

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