Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to Improve Back Health at the Office

When sitting for most of the working day, finding a comfortable (and back healthy) position can be a difficult task. It may be easier to type on the computer, enter data, or browse websites from the sitting position, but that doesn’t mean it’s doing our backs or rear ends any favors. Chances are, by the end of the week, it’s taken its toll. You might have pains, aches, numbness, or even just restless legs that are ready to walk and explore the office.

By taking a few steps to better prepare for prolonged sitting, you can work to diminish these negative effects.

To achieve better sitting health:

Made specifically for lower back support, these cushions keep your seat seated in a firm, yet comfortable position. It will also better align the back for a more appealing posture.

Adjust office equipment

Is your office ergonomically sound? Consider the height of your chair, keyboard, or mouse when arranging a desk. Elbows and knees should sit at a 90-degree angle, and backs shouldn’t slouch or bend. These simple fixes could help greatly reduce sitting-related pain.

Get regular exercise

During a break, be sure and get in plenty of walking time. This can be done on a work treadmill, around the office, or, weather permitting, outside. Take 10 or 15 minutes to do some stretches and get the body pumping. This change of pace can greatly improve circulation and muscle tension.

Stretch the back

When sitting, stretch your arms, back, and neck. When stagnant for too long the body can tense up; even quick, irregular stretches can offer a needed movement to get the body out of its sitting-too-long funk.

Get a new chair

Is your chair more than a few years old? If so it may not be lacking in both comfort and support. Look for a new model with the proper backand rear support, and the ability to adjust both horizontal and vertical settings. Moving both pieces offer the only way to get a custom ergonomic fit.

Eating a healthy diet can also improve one’s sitting health, by making sure you’re awake and alert (and not slouching) throughout the day. From posture to diet to whatever it is you’re sitting on, remember there are plenty of back health fixes. Whenever sitting for long periods at a time, look to the above for a list of easy fixes to an ongoing problem.