Monday, September 23, 2013

Add “Back Support” to your Travel List

Planes, trains, and automobiles – as the old saying goes – are often a necessary choice when traveling across town, state, or even the world. No matter the distance, these vehicles get us where we need to go – hopefully in a timely fashion. However, when made for speed and distance, some transportation machines don’t have all the necessary comfort features that we’d like. For instance, headrests that are made for those over six feet, cushions that are too spongy, and seats that are often worn out from seating multiple travelers.

Of course, adjustments can be made to personal vehicles, such as your car or a bus seat. (Which are bulky, but provide ample cushion.) But when it comes to airplanes or long rides with a friend, sometimes the basics just won’t cut it.

However, thanks to a small travel carry along item, your comfort issues can be easily fixed.

Comfort That Defies Location

With the Contour Travel Back Support cushion, journeys of all lengths can be met with the proper spinal and rear adjustments. Simply attach the small travel piece to the back of your chair, and enjoy hours of extra back support. Through turbulence, red lights, and any kind of traffic jam, your back will be properly held into place. The cushion even folds down flat for easy storage. Keep it in your purse, carry on luggage, or slide in next to your newspaper; the cushion is so small and lightweight, it’s hardly noticeable.

The Back Support features can also be customized for the individual traveler. Because it sticks to your chair (or cushion’s) back, it can be set on any height. Use it for the lower back, mid-range, or upper back to address any section of pain. Then set it to firm, soft, or anywhere in between – it’s truly made to support any back needs. 

The Travel Back also comes with:
  • Four-position lumbar support
  • Folding flat capabilities
  • Built-in hook fasteners
  • Winged sides to protect adhesive
  • Ventilation holes
  • Center slots for spine placement

Coming in as one of Contour’s more affordable products, the Travel Back Support is a must-have for the frequent (and no so frequent) traveler. With its versatility, ability to provide support, and ease and which it can be transported, this is a product every traveler should keep on their packing list.

To learn more about the Contour Travel Back Support or to order yours today, head to our product page.