Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Leg Pillow's "Secret" to a Good Night's Rest

What may be the solution to the start of a long night ahead is properly aligning the neck, back and hips. With the right tool, this can be a quick and easy fix. Simply placing a quality crafted pillow in between the inner legs or thighs is the adequate support needed for proper alignment. Contour Products created a line of leg pillows as a solution.  Try the Contour Leg Memory Foam Pillow, the Original Contour Leg Pillow - a slightly more supportive version with standard foam, or the Contour Secret Leg Pillow which combines a foam core surrounded by a fiber fill layer.

Do you ever find yourself settling in for a nice, relaxing night of rest, laying comfortably in between soft, warm blankets, ready to release the stress of the day but just can't seem to find that perfect "spot?" The pillow isn't fluffy enough so your neck aches. The mattress feels firm laying on your side so your knees and back ache. Tossing and turning seems to be the theme.

Regardless of the leg pillow model, the patented contour design supports and aligns the lower body, relieving uncomfortable pressure from the hips and back, keeping the knees elevated from rubbing one another. These Contour Leg Pillows fit the contour of your legs perfectly, allowing for optimal support and comfort, maintaining the same shape all night.