Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5 Raving Reviews of the Contour CPAP Pillow from Amazon.com Users

One of the wonderful aspects of the Internet is just how accessible any product can be. Customers can shop on multiple websites to find the exact product they’re searching for, purchase, and even post comments and reviews helpful for other potential buyers looking to make the same investment. Here’s what customers had to say about their Contour CPAP Pillows purchased from Amazon.com:
1.       This Thing Actually Works
“As a user of a CPAP machine, I have spend my evenings trying to adjust and configure pillows so that I can wear the face mask with some semblance of comfort, with little success. I took a chance on this sleep pillow and I have to say it works great! Not only does it nicely accommodate the shape of the mask, the neck support is a real added value”. – Stephen
2.       Ahhhh, Sweet Slumber!
I have been a CPAP user for about 12 years now, and all that time I’ve been trying to find a pillow that didn’t dislodge my mask. At long last, the answer has arrived! This pillow is supportive and comfortable for the head and neck, and the cuts for the mask make it so the mask doesn’t get moved and start leaking! Amazing! No more stiff neck from craning upward to keep the mask off the pillow! No more air being blasted into my eyes or (worse yet) onto my husband! It is wonderful to sleep deeply and without interruption. I can’t say enough good things about it”. – Kathryn Hartsell
3.       Excellent CPAP Pillow
“I’ve been using this pillow for 3 weeks and it is fabulous! I highly recommend it for anyone sleeping with a CPAP mask”. – Deb T.
4.       Love This New Pillow!
“I recently purchased this pillow, as I needed a new pillow and decided to try one to use with my CPAP machine. It works great! Very comfortable and a great size to take with me when I am traveling. Recommend trying out this moderately priced pillow for CPAP users! – P.F. Innis
5.       Changed Everything
“I spend three weeks trying to sleep with a mask and never made it through one night without multiple interruptions, air leaks and mask readjustments. Then this pillow arrived two weeks ago. I’ve slept with the mask on all night ever since. So-total failure without it, and total success with it”. – Andrew Muir