Thursday, April 7, 2016

4 Reasons to Sleep With a Leg Pillow

Leg pillows are often the unsung heroes of the support world. Despite all they can do and how much comfort they have to provide, they still don't get the respect they deserve. Today we set aside that oversight and look toward leg pillows and what all they can provide.

Perks like:

1. Reducing Back Pain

This is perhaps the best leg pillow pro that there is. Because the pillow isn't used directly for the back, we tend to forget how it can still reduce back pain. However, by propping up the lower legs and removing weight, then readjusting how the body rests at night, aches can be greatly reduced for the following day … and every day this method is used.

2. Promoting Muscle Health

When muscles aren't stressed from aches and pains, you're able to better utilize them to the fullest of their capabilities. That means it's easier to work out (or even just to function throughout the day). Additionally, blood and oxygen flow can be increased, allowing for further health.

3. Convenience/Cost Effective

Adding a leg pillow is a simple way to step-up your sleeping space. If you're traveling and need a little more comfort, leg pillows are an easy way to go. If your back is sore, use of these models to help your cause without expensive treatments. And when used on an ongoing basis, you're likely to gain even more relief out of your comfort method. 

4. Pressure Relief

Though it's not pain directly, pressure is another area of stress within the back and other body muscles. A leg pillow can help reduce this excess stress, even if you aren't aware it's developed. 

To reduce stress, pain, and increase body health, a leg pillow is a great addition to your sleeping routine. Consider adding one today and browse at