Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Can a Wedge Help Acid Reflux?

Using a bed wedge to reduce acid reflux
Acid reflux is painful. It's uncomfortable, it makes it difficult to sleep. And at its absolute worst, no matter what you eat or when you eat it, you can feel the repercussions. 

How you sleep, however, can work to combat these same side effects each and every night; one of the best ways – you guessed it – is by sleeping on a wedge. Whether it's a specialized pillow , or pillows that are propped up and made into their own makeshift wedge, sleeping on an incline allows you to use gravity in your favor. 

Acid reflux is caused by stomach contents (along with acid) that creeps back into the esophagus. This is most common when eating heavy or spicy foods, as they require more time and effort from the stomach to break down and digest. This slightly more vigorous process can mean acid that's felt higher into the chest and resulting in pain. 

One of the best natural methods of combatting the acid reflux process is with gravity. Giving acid a steeper slope to climb before it's felt up into the chest will help naturally keep it down in the stomach. 

A wedge also provides a comfortable sleeping surface so you can rest soundly while combatting the pains of acid reflux. (In contrast to home remedies that require uncomfortable positions or staying completely upright.) This can allow for ample amounts of sleep that are uninterrupted by pain, and all while receiving quality support. 

Can a wedge help with acid reflux? Absolutely, and with an incredibly easy fix. If you're a regular sufferer (or even an occasional sufferer), consider this simple and effective healing method. Talk to your doctor to learn more, or ask a Contour Living representative about your wedge pillow options today.