Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What's the Difference Between an Adjustable and Standard Wedge?

Have you heard about seat or bed wedges? But maybe didn't know what they were all about? If so you're not alone. Though the wedge is one of our favorite products, not everyone has experienced just how wonderful it can be. But that's not all, even those who have experienced an inclined pillow don't understand the difference between standard and adjustable versions.

So just what is a wedge? And what are the perks that come with versatile models? 

A wedge is a piece of cushion or foam that's made of an inclined shape. Whether made to sit on, sleep against, or lounge upon, it helps support the body while allowing plenty of comfort on the process. They're used to add comfort while, as well as a healing prop to any number of medical conditions. Wedges help ease snoring, increase oxygen and blood flow, decrease symptoms of heartburn, GERD, etc. They can also help with pregnancy and post-surgery recovery. 

Standard Vs. Custom

With a standard wedge, the user is given a static shape and angle to use throughout the length of their cushion's usage. While pillows can be added, they won't always stay put and will offer a different texture that can become lumpy or lopsided over time. 

With a custom wedge, however, the texture is much of the same, as well as the design. However, it also comes with additional features. The pillow can be folded or moved into different shapes or positions. With some versions, pieces even zip apart or together to maximize your functions. Adjustable wedges can be switched up for size – allowing users to create a travel model, or go full-out when lounging at home. Choose one that's inflatable, memory foam that forms to your body over time, or stick with static support.

Adjustable wedges offer users more options than their standard counterparts. Head to our wedge page to check out models, or live-chat an expert on our home page to learn more today.