Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Best Sleeping Positions for Expecting Mothers

Almost every birth mom on the block had a rough time sleeping during pregnancy. With all the changes that took place within their bodies, and with an added issue of size (especially in the second and third trimesters), it's not hard to see why, either. Growing babies simply make it hard to get comfortable. Let alone comfortable enough to actually sleep. Then there's the added issue of frequent restroom visits, a baby that's on its own schedule, and more.

When possible, however, it's best for these moms-to-be to get as much rest as possible. It's a step that allows their bodies to prep for their upcoming arrival, as well as one that increases their level of health.

To get as much sleep as possible – no matter what trimester you're in, remember to look toward these sleeping positions.

Anything That Involves an Oversized Pillow

A cozy cushion can help offset your weight, while still placing cushion where it's needed most. Right under the belly. Expecting moms can also gain comfort by reducing tension from the back, neck, or legs. Really, the bigger the pillow and easier it is to adapt to the body's current position, the better. 

On Your Side

This way your belly still gets a resting surface (the bed), which helps alleviate some of your stomach's weight. Sleeping on your side also gives you two options, with plenty more variations. While reducing tension on the lower back. Place pillows along the back or between the legs for additional support.

On Your Stomach

This might sound unheard of, but there are actual contraptions that allow pregnant ladies to lie on their stomachs. Generally by offering a well-placed hole. However, you can also stack pillows or remove a couch cushion to get the same results. This might not be great in the long-term, but can provide much-needed relief during naps or resting time.