Thursday, July 16, 2015

Do You Sleep Better with Noise?

Sleeping is a very personal experience. It's something that everyone approaches differently, and likely has their own way about achieving it. For instance, showering, wearing specific PJs, or reading. Maybe fluffing the pillows a certain way tells your mind it's time for rest, or turning on the ceiling fan and cocooning yourself in. These little adjustments sound small, but they ready the brain for sleep. We often do them subconsciously.

Other times our choices are very conscious. Like getting into bed and turning off the lights. Turning on a noise machine, perhaps. There is a large portion of the population who prefer noise to help them sleep. Or rather, to choose the noise they listen to at night, rather than to be woken up to different noise. 

Constant Sounds and Obtaining Rest

There are unpredictable noises that cause us to wake, like storms, horns, and loud neighbors. Other predictable noises, like house creaks and air vents generally allow us to stay resting; our bodies know those sounds are supposed to be happening. But by blocking out the unwanted noises – the random loudness that cause us to wake – you can save yourself from losing sleep. 

This can be done with white noise machines, fans, or even gentle music. Air purifiers or humidifiers/dehumidifiers are also viable choices for static backgrounds. Add relaxing scents, or simply let the noise work in your favor. These options are especially helpful when sleeping outside of the home. When you're not used to the traffic frequencies or whether each bump in the night is something normal. 

So, do you sleep better with noise? Yes, so long as it's the right noise. Blaring sounds are obviously detrimental, while calm and constant hums can help keep you relaxed and rested the entire night.