Tuesday, June 2, 2015

(Even More) Tips for Beating the Summer Sleeping Heat

Scorching temperatures are just around the corner. Depending on where you live, they might already be upon you. Which means longer, sweatier days, and even warmer and damper nights. With all of the growing humidity it can be impossible to remove all of the moisture from your home, even with a new and efficient AC unit. But instead of fighting the inevitable, why not take a few tricks that will help cool your home on its own … without jacking up the electricity bill?

Start by getting a dehumidifier. These things can do wonders, especially in upper levels of your home, where ACs have a harder time to reach. And because heat rises, there’s even higher temps lurking in those upper corners. Pick up a few dehumidifiers at the local department store and let them give your electricity bill a break. 

You should also make sure your AC unit is clean and working as efficiently as possible. Hose off any debris from the outside of your model and clear out air vents so that your cool breeze can easily flow into the house. Fans, dehumidifiers, and more should also be dusted every few weeks as well to keep air flowing as freely as possible.

Another little-thought-of tip is to keep pets off the bed. Though you can be thankful for their added heat come winter, summer will have you kicking them to the floor. It might be nice to cuddle, but just think how much extra heat their bodies are bringing to the bed. Make them a spot on the floor instead to help cool down instantly. 

Finally, remember to cool yourself off as much as possible before bed. Take a cold shower or drink a glass of ice water for a quick, yet efficient, way to drop your body temperature and get it ready for a restful night.